Carbon Neutral Papers Initiative

Professional Office Supplies is delighted to announce the launch of its Carbon Neutral Papers Initiative. The full suite of 80gsm White Copier offered by POS is now entirely Carbon Balanced, Carbon Captured or 100% recycled from Post-Consumer Waste.

POS has always endeavoured to lead the way with our corporate social responsibility initiatives and, with the introduction of our partnership programmes with the Woodland Trust and World Land Trust, we are very proud to pioneer our new Carbon Neutral Papers Initiative.

All of our office copier papers will now fall into one of three categories, carbon balanced, carbon captured or fully recycled from post-consumer waste.


Carbon Balanced Offsetting

Our Carbon Balanced programme is in conjunction with the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats, acre by acre – but what is carbon balanced paper?

Carbon balance offsetting enables us to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of your office paper.

Already one of the world’s truly responsible, sustainable and low-carbon products, the average carbon impact of your paper can now be measured and offset through the work of the World Land Trust.

Carbon balanced paper is achieved through the preservation of ecologically important standing forests, under real and imminent threat of clearance, locking in carbon that would otherwise be released and securing continued absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is recognised as one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to arrest the rise of atmospheric carbon dioxide and climate change effects.

World Land Trust patron, Sir David Attenborough, when asked about the positive impact the charity has through its work, said, “The money that is given to the World Land Trust, in my estimation, has more effect on the wild world than almost anything I can think of.”

Read more about the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme to learn why this method of conservation is important, why it is so effective and how the World Land Trust achieves the goals of the scheme.



Carbon Capture

With our Carbon Capture programme we partner with the Woodland Trust, helping to capture carbon dioxide and plant trees throughout the UK.

Carbon Capture is a method of mitigating carbon dioxide emissions by planting trees and creating new native woodland in the UK, providing habitats for wildlife and green spaces for all to enjoy.

The average amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the manufacture and distribution of a tonne of paper has been calculated and verified by the Woodland Trust using Carbon Trust and DEFRA figures (Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs). The carbon dioxide is captured by the planting of trees in the new native woodland here in the UK, through the Woodland Trust’s government-backed Woodland Carbon Scheme.

For every tonne of paper processed through Professional Office Supplies three trees are planted, 14 sq metres of new native woodland is created and over half a tonne of carbon is captured that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere – for some perspective, POS will supply over 450 tonnes of copier paper covered by these schemes this year.

That’s potentially over 5,850 new trees planted, 6,300 sq metres of new native woodland created and 225 tonnes of carbon captured!

And it’s not all just talk and donations, Professional Office Supplies is signed up to participate in tree planting days for the Woodland Trust throughout 2020. As the dates are confirmed for these days, we will be inviting our customers to join us to help plant the trees that their responsible purchasing has helped to fund – so be sure to keep up-to-date with our newsletter and social media platforms.



100% Recycled Post-Consumer Waste Sheet

Of course, the best way to eliminate deforestation and excess carbon emissions is to use a sheet that doesn’t create these issues in the first place.

The final sheet offered by POS is our Xerox 100% recycled PCW copier paper.

This low whiteness paper is made from 100% post-consumer waste and is ideal for everyday home or office printing. It’s de-inked without bleaching, free from optical brightening agents and wrapped and packed in recycled material. It’s also available in a range of tints including blue, green, pink, salmon and yellow.

There are significant environmental savings when using this sheet versus, what we refer to as, virgin fibre sheets. Switching from virgin fibre paper to 100% recycled would equate to the following savings for every tonne:

  • 2,989kg of wood, or 2 spruce wood trees
  • 43,210 litres of water
  • 7,707kwh of energy, or enough energy to run the average UK home for 18 months
  • 638kg of carbon dioxide, or 4,225 miles travelled in the average family-sized car

So again, you can see straight away that the impact of switching to 100% recycled paper can make a significant and real difference to the carbon footprint of all of our businesses.


How do I get involved?

You already are! Professional Office Supplies has taken the decision to subsidise both the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Offsetting Scheme and the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture Programme at no additional cost to our customers – it’s just the right thing to do. So just by purchasing your white 80gsm copier from POS you’re already doing your bit and making a huge difference to our environment.

For every box of paper sold we donate roughly 10 pence to the appropriate scheme. As a business that supplies hundreds-of-thousands of reams of paper every year, it’s important that we do our bit to ensure that the industry in which we operate is sustainable and trades responsibly.

So, whichever paper you are using from Professional Office Supplies, you can be assured that the carbon emissions created in its production and supply have been balanced, captured or were never created in the first place.

To find out more about these programmes, or which one applies to you, please speak to your business manager.


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