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Yesterday, Professional Office Supplies accepted an invitation from world-renowned brand Regatta to visit their headquarters in Manchester for a tour of the facility and an in-depth discussion on the brand’s ranges, plans for 2020 and beyond and where Regatta can provide further value to Professional Office Supplies’ workwear and PPE customers.

Attending on behalf of the company were Managing Director, Adrian McKenna, and Systems & Operations Manager, Sean Carroll.

Regatta is a household brand throughout the UK and beyond, specialising in a wide variety of garments and accessories for businesses and consumers alike. Established in 1981, Regatta is synonymous with high quality recreational clothing for walkers, hikers, cyclists and many more, and has been a market leader in the sector for almost 40 years.

In recent years, however, the brand has focussed much of its product development on ranges suitable for the day-to-day rigours of working life, turning its unrivalled expertise onto the design and production of high-quality and fashionable workwear and PPE, used by businesses and workers throughout the country day in, day out, under its sub-brands Regatta Professional, Regatta Contrast and Regatta Tactical Threads.

One of the key reasons we were keen to engage with Regatta was its fantastic approach to sustainability and corporate social responsibility, through its flagship programme The Honesty Project. Not content with being a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Regatta engages and invests significantly in the local communities where its factories are based, particularly in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where its RHEP Project is responsible for the funding of Regatta Group Savar primary school. It offers life-changing education for children in a safe and exciting place to learn and grow. This enables children to reach their fullest potential becoming confident and well prepared for life. There are currently 262 students between the age of 4-14, including 58 children with learning and physical disabilities. As well as providing a balanced meal to all pupils, 6 days a week, they ensure that the curriculum taught is at a high standard. To date, over 3000 families have benefitted from this wonderful initiative.

Further to this, and high on the agenda, was discussion of its Honestly Made range of clothing, the fabric in which is made from 100% recycled plastics. A range fully in keeping with the ethos of Professional Office Supplies’ own goals and commitment to Green Innovation, this range will be available from Spring/Summer 2020 and is an exciting new brand that we look forward to discussing with our customers.

Managing Director, Adrian McKenna, was very pleased with the day’s visit: “This is an absolutely fantastic facility and I’m very excited about the brands and opportunities we’ve discussed today. Regatta is a company with excellent pedigree and their CSR and environmental programmes dovetail perfectly with the supply chain and ethos we’re looking to promote within, and beyond, Professional Office Supplies. I would like to thank Jane of Regatta and Scott of PenCarrie for inviting both Sean and I down, and look forward to engaging further with them in the New Year to discuss the opportunities that exist within the brand’s ranges for our customers.”

Sean added, “I was incredibly impressed with Regatta and I’m pleased we had this opportunity to engage with them, and spend the day working with them to see where their brand best fits into our offering for our clients. I was particularly interested to learn more about their upcoming Honestly Made range, and I wasn’t left disappointed – the clothing industry contributes a significant amount of carbon dioxide in its production and product fulfilment, so a clothing range made from 100% recycled fabric is an exciting prospect”.

If you would like to learn more about Regatta’s “The Honesty Project”, click here

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