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Quality hygiene products and personal protection equipment.

Hygiene and PPE

In this new normal, accessing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and having a clean and hygienic work area have never been more important. Thankfully, POS Group has provided quality products in these areas for over a decade.

Whether you're looking for hygiene dispenser systems, high-quality garments, innovative chemicals and head-to-toe protection, we offer everything you need to keep your staff and visitors safe. You'll find modern hygiene is less about elbow grease and more about science. So, we've teamed up with brilliant research groups in the market whose approach to chemistry makes cleaning easier. Low dosage systems and efficient dispenser solutions also make our prices hugely competitive.

When it comes to PPE, we offer you a full range of products that gives you a 360º PPE service - saving you the time, hassle and money of shopping around different suppliers. From finding the correct garments for your requirements to meeting the exacting safety standards, POS have all the tools to deliver safe, secure, high-quality results with quick turnarounds. So, whatever you need to ensure your workplace is clean and safe, POS Group has got your back.

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Case study


To rationalise the firm's procurement across this area and to provide standardisation of the products and processes.

The quality and durability of the personal protective equipment were of paramount importance in line with the company's safety standards.

The ability to give consistent and continuous supply was also a consideration, given the nature of the client's business. Working with the client's PO system was also important.


A dedicated account management team would be appointed to look after the client's requirements. POS Group would source, select and supply a standardised range of products that would be available to the client in accordance with a pre-arranged service level agreement.

The product range offered was of the highest standard to provide each member of staff the appropriate protection. Our account managers would deal directly with select members of the client's team to provide greater control.


POS Group was able to provide the client with evidence that we could provide them with a continuous and consistent service in line with their needs. This service was maintained throughout the COVID-19 global pandemic and, due to the critical nature of NG2's work, POS Group's involvement and professionalism throughout relieved a considerable amount of stress and concern during a period when other supply chains were compromised.

The involvement of POS Group's account management team allowed the client greater insight into stock availability and lead times for desired items.

Work with us

POS Group offers a comprehensive range of PPE, cleaning and hygiene products. To help navigate your health and safety requirements, please get in touch with us for further guidance.

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